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Detecting potential conflicts


Detecting  potential conflicts

Any investor, any corporation, institution or organization, at the beginning, should use a expert in detecting outbreaks of latent conflict. Prevention of conflict are much lower costs than the settlement, and especially its resolution. We can detect the outbreaks of latent conflicts in your organization and can create the non-conflictual development of the activities necessary for a perfect future.

Non-conflict management program

We can develop a program of avoidance and management of latent conflict, which will improve the performance of your organization

Through your organization prepared to avoid migration of qualified personnel, any employee complaints, the appearance of lack of motivation to decrease their work pace and conflicts that lead to cessation of work, union protests, etc..

The program developed to provide most of the latent sources of conflict, managers focus attention on them to avoid the appearance of conflict stress, organizational dysfunction and finally to the appearance of disputes between administrators, managers and employees.

Here, most of the stages of analysis to detect possible outbreaks and latent conflict management program to avoid the outbreak of conflict:

1. System analysis to detect possible outbreaks organizational latent conflict
2. Develop intermediate map of potential conflict
3. Develop a project management framework non-conflict
4. Together with specialized analysis of the possible organization decisions necessary quarantine outbreaks latent conflict or disappearance
a. Selection and training of staff in the DPC
b. Implementation of non-conflict management procedures
5. Interim evaluation of the results
6. Elaboration of the final map of potential conflict
7. Developing with organization leaders and department managers involved a non-conflict management program
8. Periodic checks and advisory