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        Are You many ? Have you a common target? YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO REACH THIS TARGET TOGETHER ?

        A facilitator is most appropriate for group cohesion !
              The X boy - Short story awakened adults.

You are an association or group of people who want something (a children park in the neighborhood, a street paved, renovation of a neighborhood club, a place of rest and relaxation for employees, etc.).
So far, although a lot of time has passed, you have not initiated any action succeeded. Will prevent the details, sterile discussion of false principles.

You are missing something, but do not know why.

" The X boy " of this story is the facilitator, the master of cohesion.
The facilitator will help create a coherent group of fast action with immediate results in your area of common interest.
The Facilitator  is not a story, is not humor,

             It's the guy who makes difficult actions... very easy!