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      Negotiation is a complex art with many different angles and viewpoints, a joint communi-cative process, for attempting to reach agreement where by an exchange takes place and needs are satisfied.
      Negotiation styles vary with the person, their beliefs and skills, as well as the general context in which they occur. Here are a number of different styles considered from different viewpoints.
      There is a common spectrum of negotiation that ranges from collaborative to competitive. The approach taken is generally based on beliefs about people and how selfish or generous they are.
      The Spectrum of Negotiation Styles - From concession to competition.
  • Creative Negotiation - Take care of community. 
  • Collaborative Negotiation - Negotiating for win-win.
  • Balanced Negotiation - Walking between collaborative and competitive negotiation.
  • Competitive Negotiation - Negotiating for win-lose.
      Professional styles are those use by people who have a significant element of negotiation in their roles.
      Here is a selection of different contexts in which such negotiation takes place.
  • Industrial relations - Confrontational bargaining.
  • Managing Board - Together and competing.
  • International - Diplomatic dancing.
  • Political - Scheming horse-trading.
  • Selling and Buying - Professional sellers and buyers.
  • Hostage - Emotional big-stakes exchanges.