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Have you a new product? A good product ... Great stuff!
 Do You want an big success on the Romanian market?
 Do you want a memorable name for your product?
 Find the Godfather! Baptized the product !
 Did You decided to import a new product in Romania?
 A product that will conquer the market?
 Then you need a name for it!
 Find the Godfather! Baptized the product!
 You have labored over it. Have you launched last year.
 You expected to have a huge success.
 Where did you wrong? Why did'nt work?
 Find the Godfather! Baptized the product!
 Products, services, companies, all need a Good name!
 All and all, they need the Godfather !
 The Godfather'science or the long way to the appropriate name
 I. Preliminary
 Product analysis, company analysis, target analysis, etc..
 Analysis of targeted social segments
 Development portrait of "T.C." (target citizen)

   II. the T.C. (target citizen)
  Psihotronic analysis
 Test in a T.C. group
 Development of "parallel names"
 Testing "parallel names" in the T.C. group

 III. the final research
 Synonymic analysis
 Subtextual analysis
 Sounds and graphics analysis
 Define sound axis 
 Analysis of the action of axis sound at the subconscious

 NAME is ready !