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Creative Negotiation

postat 1 iul. 2016, 23:53 de Mediatori Negociatori   [ actualizat la 1 iul. 2016, 23:55 ]

Until the 1990s, the main
  types of negotiation were: the distributive bargaining, integrative and principled negotiation.

With the development of human society and with globalization, it has become necessary to assess the effects of any negotiations on the natural environment and the human community in which the negotiation will reverberate effects. Because of a vital neccesity has emerged , that is the creative negotiation (negocierea edificatoare).

In creative negotiating, in addition to the facilities and benefits of basic negotiation, it also resolves the dispute in the light of the Community interest so that negotiation will have effect. In addition to defining the common interests, the Parties shall define both the community interest, and when looking for theoretical solutions together, determine the measures necessary to put them into practice without harming the interests of the community.

Creative negotiation leaves aside the old issues of "aggressive negotiations" with its principles "I win and you lose" negotiation space building so that all parties can win together without harming the community.